Our Management

Managing Director of VIC Interior Pte Ltd
Mr. Anthony Tan

I believe building a successful business come from a collaborative group effort in line with our vision. We must constantly grow together and strive to exceed every of our past achievements. By doing every tasks based on VIC core values, we can run our business ethically, legally and morally to ensure our company will be among the best in our field.

I believe every company should be constantly developing lean transformation system to improve workflow and achieve efficiency and productivity. No matter what are the industry nor how simple the tasks given at hand, we can build our organization to be the droplets that become the waves for our business to expand and move forward progressively.

Our Staff

  • Haidah A. R
  • Admond Ho
  • Caye Abayari
  • Bert Huong
  • Elena

Haidah A. R

Haidah emerges from a background in both sales & marketing and administration. She is specialized in using her multi-cultural skills and diverse organizational experiences to provide best human capital management practices in her capacity as our human resource executive. She like changes when there is a chance of visible improvement for efficiency and morale wellness. She loves spending quality time with her family after a day work.

Admond Ho

Admond is our project manager with double academic background in Business and Quantity Surveying. He is highly honored to be part of our top talents at VIC. Being highly skilled in applying lean construction principles as well as business development strategies, he has been always communicating effectively with clients to deliver projects that surpass their expectations. His greatest motivation comes from his clients’ contentment and satisfactory after each project is delivered.

Caye Abayari

Caye is our principal designer with a visionary mindset that she is committed to inspire outstanding designs and execution of multiple projects for utmost clients’ satisfaction at VIC. Apart from meeting clients and sharing innovations with colleagues, she enjoys singing and traveling to see magnificent architectural designs with her companion love ones.

Bert Huong

Bert take prides in himself with his ability to deliver all projects prior to dateline. He loves expressing an unique contagious enthusiasm which influence and encourage his team members to develop their high standards of competencies. Beside fruitful dedication to work and family, he enjoys swimming and playing basketball with his colleagues and friends.


Elena has an Accounting and Finance degree that put her in charge of our payment processing system. She is grateful for the trust and commitment placed through from our VIC management. By motivating herself for external trainings and reading, she has grown experiences on her job into a highly resourceful team member. During her free time, she enjoys reading and doing research studies as well as making intricate paper-art work.

Staff Team Building

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  • 2018
  • 2019
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  • June
  • August
  • September
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Lunch Gathering, Kallang Leisure Park Bowling & Starbucks

Say YES to a team-building exercise so fun it feels more like a reward for the employees. At Kallang Leisure Park Bowling we had a team competition, had chance of some really great fun and acquaintance with the new members of the staff. Above all the pizza at Starbucks added a lot more to the even. A beautiful conversation with some great food will be worth remembering!

Dinner @Asian Market Restaurant

It is universally accepted the more interaction team members will have, the more productive they would be for the company! A lovely chatting over a dinner table is always very enjoyable. Asian Market Café @ Fairmont provided us the chance to spend some good quality time for teambuilding dinner in June. Good quality food with nice company added a lot more have a great evening!

Lunch @Swensen at Orchard

What a pleasant day it has been! Scrumptious food, good ambience along with the beautiful colleagues is the highlights of the lunch at Swensen for August teambuilding event. Sometimes food acts more than everything when it’s being enjoyed by the great company. At Swensen we had a lovely memorable experience.

Lunch @Kaw Kaw Restaurant

Great food with a great company is the two life’s simplest yet great pleasures! This quotation goes well with our teambuilding event held at Kaw Kaw Restaurant in September. We had a super meal in a very pleasant environment, with lots of chitter-chatter. It is always a lovely experience every time we sit together for some food or other teambuilding activity.

Cycling @East Coast Beach & Starbucks

Healthy people with healthy mind produces the best results! A cycling activity was arranged for November at Each Coast Beach. The staff participated enthusiastically, a great way of having fun with some good health results. It was followed by a delicious meal at Starbucks along with the hand-crafted coffee drinks. Another great day spent with the lovely team!

X’mas Celebration, Exchange Gift and Lunch Buffet @Tiffany Cafe

A celebration of 2017 Christmas party that’s gone by and an opportunity to excite staff for the year 2018 to come. Wow beautiful celebration in a beautiful month! Tiffany Café was approached for December get together. Christmas celebrations doubled with the team mates, gifts and warm love was exchanged. We are not only colleagues, we are a family actually. Great fun, great food with adorable people!

Charity at AWWA Centre

February teambuilding activity was dedicated to the charity at AWWA Center. The feeling of helping others is a great feeling indeed. Gift hampers were distributed among the handicapped along with the charity. The smiles at their faces were worth watching! It really deserves to be said that it was the best teambuilding event we had in lifetime!

Bowling @Kallang Leisure Park

The plan for April teambuilding was to go to Kallang Leisure Park followed by lunch at Joe & Doe. We had some great game of bowling first, involving all the team members. Afterwards some beautiful talks over the lunch table added more flavor to the food at Joe & Doe. A good team really makes every event worth remembering!

Dinner @Fairmont Cafe

We believe that a great team requires great people. A get together with some delicious traditional food, stunning environment, communication with the team members to increase the bonding among staff, were the highlights of the dinner at “Asian Market Café @ Fairmont” selected for the May teambuilding. Lovely time spent together!

Captivate Escape Rooms and Dinner @PappaRich Restaurant

We started June Team building event with a visit to Captivate Escape Rooms, had great fun there. The tips and clues were creative and interesting which required everyone to think out of the box. It will really enhance team bonding and team work spirits. At the end of day we had a lovely dinner at “PappaRich Restaurant”. A day well spent indeed!

Buffet Lunch and Board Game @The Mind Cafe 

“The Mind Café” lunch buffet was our selection for the August Teambuilding. All of us thoroughly enjoyed our food along with the chit chat. Played a lot of board games and come along with laughter that the Mind Café is famous for. To make strong bonding between the team members all are encouraged to take part in the gaming activity!


Trip to Johor Bahru. Visiting Carpentry Factory, Lunch at the Dream Liner Cafe and Shopping @Paradigm Mall

In September our teambuilding activity started with an informative trip to Johor Bahru where we visited a carpentry factory followed by an awesome lunch at “The Dreamliner Café”. We believe team get together after a month of hard work really boost up the energy level for the coming month. Beautiful day ended with some shopping @Paradigm Mall!

Lunch @Fatpapas Restaurant

Some amazing delicious food, excellent sitting environment, lovely discussion, conversations and laughs! It was something involved in lunch we had at “Fatpapas Restaurant” for our monthly teambuilding event in October. For us Teambuilding Lunch is not something related to eating only, actually it relates to make eating together a memorable and loveable event!

BBQ @ D’resort Downtown East

We don’t just hire the employees but make them a part of our family. November 2018 get together was dedicated to the families of our team members. A magnificent experience at Downtown East where we had an amazing BBQ, acquaintance among families, rest and relax at chalet, enjoying music and many more fun. Definitely a night that will be discussed for long for lot of good reasons!

Lunar New Year Lunch Gathering

Gong Xi Fa Cai! A cheery New Year holds lots of happiness for all of us. This is a good chance for everyone to come together to celebrate this festive occasion with a great feast. As a token of employee gratitude, management gives all staffs a pair of mandarin oranges and a token of hongbao for the best of good luck, good health and much happiness throughout the year. These make our days more jovial with a long break holiday that we can spend our memorable day with family and friends too!