Our Company



Who are we?

VIC Interior is one of the leading highly commendable company with managerial professionals that currently focus on design and built renovation works in the medical niche industry sector for the government hospitals and private healthcare organizations.

What are we now?

We are a vibrant company in growth stage onto building systematic network of roots deepen into ground soil. We are thus currently formulating a strong foundation of infrastructure, data system, HR policies and legal framework as a part of our establishments.

Where we are heading?

VIC Interior will be in future an investment arm of a holding company that harvest future technology with talented human and capital resources to excel in design & built construction industry.

Our Accreditation Certifications

Safety is never neglected within our workplace. We acknowledged the ignorance of individual act is a high price to pay. We thus always have our WSH policy in place together with our community members to ensure we can perform the highest standard of workplace safety.


Company Goals


Our Belief

We believe nothing is impossible but things come truly from I’m possible. Possibilities fused with a belief on what we can do our best in delivering world class products and services to our customers.


Our Mission is to create and establish a prosperous empire network of businesses for over a century, so as to inspire and benefit our future generations.


Our Vision is to become foremost valuable future technology design & built company that combine with ecosystem resources to be ahead of the leading trends.


Our Innovations are dare to dream in creating ideas and inspirations that inked on our blueprint continuously to achieve marvelous results for serving community and organizations.

Core Values

Our Core values are to commit and always stay focus on our key of doing properly every task right with an integrity mindset of running our business ethically, legally and morally.